Life Coaching: Are you Stuck in the Mud?

I remember, as a child, playing the game “stuck in the mud”. Did you ever play that game?

The Game Works like this – if you are unsure:
The player who is ‘in’ must run around and tag as many other players as they can. When tagged, a player becomes ‘stuck in the mud’, they cannot move and must stand with their legs and arms apart. The only way to be freed is for a non-tagged player to crawl through their legs.

I lived in the Northern Cape South Africa, and we hardly had any rain or mud for that matter. However, with an active imagination is a wonderful thing and you fully play along as you get “stuck in the mud”.
Even if it wasn’t real – you didn’t want to be the one that got stuck. Fortunately a friend could help and you can play again.
Today I would like to remind you, when you get stuck- you are not alone , apart from family or friends or colleagues who can “free” you. There are many Life coaches ready to help, as well as many different life coaching models that can be used for your specific needs.

You’ve got this, and you can grow from that mud and get moving forwards again!

All you need to do is shout: “Stuck in the mud!” And stay still – and The Time Factory life coaches will come to the rescue.

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