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A business health check used to take six months to a year. The cost used to be so high that it was just too expensive. Things have changed. We can now do it in one day and the cost will be at a discount of about 90% compared to the traditional way of doing it. The clever thing to do in a changing world is to determine where you stand as a business compared to what the smart businesses do. We can do it with your leadership team in less than a day.

We work with businesses with more than 10 people all the way to Corporates. Our skills and tools are well suited to tackle growth projects from Start Up growth, Early-Stage growth, Break Through growth, Automation and AI growth, all the way to Turn Arounds.

Grow Your Business

Every business needs to expand and grow. We have unique AI tools to do a business analysis against Industry 4 benchmarks that are more affordable and faster than ever before.

This will provide you with targeted projects to grow your business successfully and guarantee exponential growth for your business.

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Our Approach

The first step is to diagnose the growth challenge. The solution design will be different for a start-up business with growth challenges, compared to a large corporate business. The next step is to do a Nxt Move analysis. This takes 4-6 hours, and we need your most senior management team for this exercise.

You will then have access to a full report, as well as targeted projects to close the gap to your chosen benchmark. Our approach also include support during the implementation phase. We will do a culture survey to determine the magnitude of the change facilitation work needed. Remember, we have a Change Practice, as well as a Coaching Practice, making sure your projects are implemented fully in the shortest possible time.

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There are 4 ways to grow any business
The Time Factory can provide you with strategies to do this for any business!


Sell more of your current products to existing customers


Sell your existing products to new customers


Sell new products to existing customers


Sell new products to new customers

Hi, I am
Jozef Myburgh

I am an experienced growth and turnaround facilitator.

My qualifications include a law degree, MBA, Lean Sigma Black Belt and a Senior Executive Program diploma from Harvard Business School. I draw on more than 20 years of corporate experience, followed with nearly 15 years of small business experience. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, success strategies, growing businesses and people.

My most recent project was a successful turnaround of an FMCG factory in Sunderland Ridge, followed by an AI system implementation.

I am an avid reader as well as long distance swimmer and occasional triathlons.

Please contact me to discuss your growth needs. All it takes is a cup of coffee!

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