Change Management is always messy. And it fails in the majority of instances.
We make success inevitable.

We assist you in managing
your disruptive change.

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Why is this important?

We live in a fast-paced environment. Industry 4 change is upon us. We experience the effect of a pandemic. It is important!

Our Approach

The Time Factory has access to the top minds in the Change Making industry, who are using the best-in-class tools to assist you with your transition.

We do believe in building your capacity to handle the change, and as such, we are more comfortable with an approach where you lead the change, and we provide you with the process and tools.

Our Offering

Change Making is a specialised intervention. We do a free diagnostic, and provide you with a tailormade solution that will make your success a done deal.

Latest Change Management Blogs

We publish regular blogs containing valuable insights on change management.

Hi, I am
Christine Breet

About Christine?

Hi, I am Christine Breet, I love change and the impact of change. I realise that change can be daunting, but that is where I am able to assist and make the transition enjoyable for all the stakeholders.

I have a Masters degree from the University of Pretoria in the role of communication during change management. One of the biggest mistakes during change management is that the senior management has worked on the changes for past few weeks and months and then are flabbergasted that they cannot get their teams to get as exited and inspired as they are. This is where I can play a huge role to ensure everybody is on board and understand their specific role to reach the desired business results.

I also facilitate change when we take a challenge and after the workshop we have crafted a plan with all the stakeholders that can be implemented. We use various models and methodologies to get to the end-results. There is no space for a cookie-cutter approach so each change answer to a problem is uniquely crafted.

I have more than 30 years or experience in the world of work, both locally and globally. I was privileged to have performed various roles in the Mining; Education, Health Services, Arts and Culture, Non-profit and community development, Forestry, Business, Defence sector and Agricultural sector.

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