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The World needs more online coaches!

There’s never been a more opportune moment to dive into this multi-billion-dollar industry and make a difference globally.

People today are juggling more responsibilities in the same amount of time as before, and many are struggling to keep up with the demands.

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What Sets The Coach Factory Program Apart?

Meet your personal program guide: Retha Myburgh Certified Shadowmatch Coach (Advanced) ; Certified facilitator and COMENSA member.

Are you wondering what sets The Coach Factory program apart from the rest? Well, here’s the scoop: you’ll have a personal guide in the form of Retha Myburgh.

Starting your own online coaching practice can be daunting, no doubt about it. There are a handful of fear-inducing questions that can make anyone pause. Questions like, “How and where will I find clients?” or “Will I actually be able to make a living?” and “Can I truly coach people without messing it up?” And let’s not forget, “How do I prepare for the future, especially in this age of Industry 4.0?”

Those questions and fears are completely valid, and Retha knows them all too well. The good news? She conquered those fears, and now she’s here to show you how to do the same. The Coach Factory program is meticulously designed to tackle these fears one by one, transforming you into a successful online coach armed with an expert AI system. The beauty of the AI coaching system lies in its ability to not only enhance your coaching skills but also turn them into your calling.

So, don’t let fear hold you back. You have so much to offer, and the world needs your expertise now more than ever. Let’s embark on this journey together.

The Testimonies

Don’t take our word for it, here are some first-hand experiences from a few of our clients.

Coach Robbie – DynamiQ Interventions

Coach Miemie – Klaen Coaching

Coach Elsabe – The Time Factory


Coach Lika – Private Practice

(250) Coach Adam's Testimony - YouTube 2023-07-10 13-22-02

Coach Adam – Be Original Coaching

Coach John Conner’s Testimony
Coach Katie’s Testimony
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Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately! The Coach Factory has monthly intakes, but don’t delay , your success depends on it. I can easily get you started with your coaching platform and fall into the next month’s group trainings

Absolutely, I want to see you succeed and live your dream. You will have a great online system at your fingertips and be confident through my training and mentoring to start coaching your first clients within the 8 week period. With continuous support and mentorship while starting.

The group sessions are recorded and Uploaded on the coaching portal. I will accommodate you where I can, especially if this is a side-hustle.

The Time Zone is GMT+2. I will accommodate different time zones if needed - I want you to have live experiences as much as possible. The one-on one coaching and training will be organised accordingly.

Firstly you have everything inside of you to succeed. You just need the will to
succeed and you are there. The actions: I will assess your behaviours against top coaches, if you are a good fit - we will move forward. If not, I will provide you with guidance on where to improve and adjust behavioural patterns. Follow your project board as a guideline for your self study. Show up to all the sessions, be curious, ask questions and get involved. Reach out when you need more information or clarification.

Absolutely! When you start with your intake and training - you will see the benefits of using a great online system and the beauty of the AI technology. Follow and trust the program and you will be a great coach and stand
out from the rest of the world’s life coaches. You will have so much at
your fingertips (apart from fulfilment coaching , you will also have access
to career coaching, study method coaching, personal development plans as well as guided relationship coaching - all proven and developed already). There is no other way but to succeed.

You have the questions, I have the answers! Simply email me at

Interesting Facts

Coaching can have a relatively big effect on coaching clients’ coping capacities and resilience, attitudes, subjective well being, goal attainment, and performance. (The Journal of Positive Psychology)
99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied” or “very satisfied.” 96% would repeat the process. (ICF Global Coaching Client Study)

The personal development industry hit US$ 39.99 billion in 2020 and
is forecast to reach US$ 56.66 billion by 2027 (Grand view research).

The need for online coaching has been fast tracked by online advancements and time constraints of clients. Virtual and in-person coaching are equally effective. (Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology)

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