Back to the Office - Psychological Safety Workshop

1. Practical skills on how to handle the hybrid working model.

*This workshop can be a stand-alone or form part of a leadership series for communication

Many leaders are contemplating a full or partial return to the office post-pandemic. They tend to
think of employees in two opposite groups: those who are eager to return and those who are
opposed. However, it’s important to recognize that some of the people who want to return to a
shared workspace may nonetheless feel discomfort, some significantly so. Even after the acute
danger of a crisis has passed, stress-related behaviours — whether the result of specific health
concerns or the spill over of challenging family or economic situations — don’t magically disappear.

This reluctance doesn’t mean they won’t resume working and meeting with colleagues in person,
but it does mean that a transition period is likely in which they may exhibit variability in their energy,
attention, and emotional control.

This workshop will assist organisations to create a psychological safe space for team members to
reconnect and communicate effectively once again. It will focus on vulnerability, asking the right
questions, connecting with how to listen effectively and the role of empathy in all of this.


4 hours


– Understanding the skills of vulnerability, listening, asking questions, observations and empathy in the workplace.
– How to effectively use them for team development and engagement


– Understanding vulnerability in leaders
– Importance of listening
– How and why to ask the right questions
– Power of observation
– The significance of empathy