Message Mapping Workshop

A Message Map is a simple, visual tool to help you tell your story better.

You have a story. Your competitors have a story. Your brand wins when you tell your story better
than competitors by using a Message Map.  The magic of a Message Map. It answers your target
audience’s eternal question: what’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

The message map is a compass that guides all communication in your organisation – internally and


3-4 hours


– Tools and templates to develop the messages needed to communicate in the organisation.
– Defining and prioritizing the audiences who will receive the messages, and focusing on the
common ground between them.
– Identify the current mindset of your key audiences. To address concerns and negative
perceptions or to leverage positive assets, you have to know what people think and feel about a
specific topic. The more you know what the audience is thinking, the better you are to influence
– Articulating clear, credible and compelling messages about the topic.
– Outline the key behaviors and expectations for each audience receiving the messages.
– Aligning the teams charged with communication messages. Building trust and credibility is about
consistency of messaging across different touch points.


– Identify key audience segments.
– Discuss high-level goals for the audience segment
– Discuss core messages and speaking points.
– Map key message to audience segments.
– Create themes and headlines


– Developing and delivering a speech
– Presenting to executives
– Preparing and participating in a job interview
– Launching a new product
– Communicating a new strategy
– Announcing organizational changes
– Helping to get a group on the same page
– Preparing for an interview
– Delivering difficult news